Four Dog-Friendly Hotels in Palm Springs

The best time to take your dog on a warm desert retreat to Palm Springs is right about now.

An hour and a half flight from San Francisco and a two hour drive from LA, the stylish city within the Coachella Valley is beyond dog-friendly—Palm Springs is dog-enthusiastic. To avoid sizzling sidewalks, take your dog November through April, when daytime temps hover in the mid-70s. Mid-century design and casual allure abounds, and most dog-friendly hotels are lenient, letting dogs hang out with you at the pool and trusting to leave your dog in the room alone, if well behaved of course. Just imagine, a relaxing dip in a desert-heated saltwater pool while your furry muse basks in the good life too.

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Dog-Friendly Hotels and Inns Beyond San Francisco

City dog owners often face the predicament of what to do with their faithful companion when they want to make a quick escape. Dog hotels and boarders are a good solution, but costly. Dog-obsessed friends are another remedy. But really, what those puppy dog eyes want is to go with you. So get out of town and take them. Along the coast and in the mountains, dog-friendly hotels abound, here's some of them, and fun activities and places to eat while you guys are there.

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