Raver Princess

House music is more than a mixtape for sixteen-year-old Samantha, it's a force. And a rave is not just any party, it’s everything. Glow stick shooting stars. Stomping JNCO jeans. Neon candy jewelry. Inside dark, musky warehouses in the middle of the night is where Samantha is her superstar self, a.k.a. Ms. Red. She's connected with her tribe. But the sun rises, the buzz fades, and it's back to the doldrums of high school. This memoir narrates one glitter-girl-next-door's transformation through the San Francisco Bay Area's rave culture in the '90s from raver princess to aspiring Vogue editor.

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Ferrari Ravioli + Adidas Touchless

"Dance. Drink water. Kiss Brandon. Breathe. Pee. Dance. Talk to her. Smile. Watch the lights. Take off my shoes. Apply lip gloss. Dance. Smoke a cigarette. Talk to him. Talk to her. Laugh. Sit. Stand. Sit. Stand. Dance. I didn't know what I wanted to do first. And I wanted to do everything at once.

My body moved to the beat, my shoulders did their sassy thing, my feet kicked side-to-side. Worries about my parents and getting caught vanished, and I looked at my friends and all the fascinating strangers surrounding us and sensed that we were all feeling the exact, same, way.

Slow. Slow. Quick quick. Slow. It felt so good letting go go go after the previous hours leading up to now now now. Simmering down and pumping faster, my superstar self emerged. Weightless, boundless, happiness, just as I started busting out some stylish moves, Brandon grabbed my hand and pulled me after him."


Ms. Red


Ms. Red, Mr. Blue + Mr. Platinum