Body Positive Vibes From Big Gal Yoga's Valerie Sagun

Search #yoga on Instagram and you'll see an engrossing range of images. People are flexing in various poses, practicing inside and outside, in America and across the world, with different body types and skin colors. Yoga is an ancient mind-body practice that continues to evolve and mystify, much like the personal practice of its devotees. Enter Valerie Sagun into the #yoga hashtag stream, a practitioner of yoga who advocates self-love and positivity. In the past five years, Valerie has been downward dogging and sharing her practice through the online yoga community.

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6 Ways Yoga Isn't Boring Anymore

Crazy-fun new classes and techniques around Los Angeles

Weary of the same old sun salutation? Are the four walls of your usual studio closing in on you? Luckily, there are a slew of yoga innovations that liven up the experience. These fresh attempts--from video-accompanied to stretch-assisted to aerial--could take your practice to another level, or at least make it more fun.

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Learning to Fly

Yoga that makes you feel like a kid again

In the summer, there was Yogaqua. For the fall and winter, we’re loving the idea of channeling our inner child with AcroYoga. This new class at Silverlake’s Yoga at the Raven involves oms, stretching and inversions, as well as flying, giggling and Thai massage.

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