Meet Kit Rich: French Fries, Self-Love, and Stair Dancing

LA-based fitness professional and celebrity trainer Kit Rich is back with more insight for how to make fit your everyday. Read on to hear her thoughts on extreme workouts, tips for working out with injuries and what to eat between workouts. Then gear up for our exclusive Fit by Kit program this month, based on her “3 or 30” program: 3 miles or 30 minutes every day as a sustainable way to stay active.

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6 Ways Yoga Isn't Boring Anymore

Crazy-fun new classes and techniques around Los Angeles

Weary of the same old sun salutation? Are the four walls of your usual studio closing in on you? Luckily, there are a slew of yoga innovations that liven up the experience. These fresh attempts--from video-accompanied to stretch-assisted to aerial--could take your practice to another level, or at least make it more fun.

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The World's First Water Bottle Self-Massager

Hydrate while you loosen up

Ah, the foam roller. An excellent tool for self-massage and muscle recovery, yet a cumbersome accessory if ever there was one.

Don’t fret, it’s Mobot to the rescue!

Created by a massage therapist and yoga instructor who was tired of carrying around her unwieldy foam roller and water bottle, the Mobot is a stainless-steel bottle clad in nontoxic EVA foam.

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Learning to Fly

Yoga that makes you feel like a kid again

In the summer, there was Yogaqua. For the fall and winter, we’re loving the idea of channeling our inner child with AcroYoga. This new class at Silverlake’s Yoga at the Raven involves oms, stretching and inversions, as well as flying, giggling and Thai massage.

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The Sweat Shoppe

Get ready to sweat. The Sweat Shoppe’s owners Mimi Benz and Jason Squire have a passion for indoor cycling, and they’ve designed the classes at their studio in the NoHo Arts District with two different intensities: Classic Cycle and Sweat Cycle. Classic Cycle classes take place in a room heated to 68 degrees, while Sweat Cycle room temperatures range from 75 to 80 degrees. The latter are often referred to as “Bikram on a bike” and they encourage lots of healthy sweating to encourage detoxification and weight loss. 

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