Ready, Set, Tennis! On Point Tips For Your Game

Tennis, a classic. In a time when hybrid workouts are boundless, sometimes it's nice to circle back to a classic sport. And that's what lucy has done with a fresh collection that beats typical tennis whites. Spring is around the corner, and if you want a new outdoor workout that gets both your body and mind in shape, tennis could be for you. Senior instructor at the Santa Monica Tennis Center, Mike Scovotti, shares some pro tips, from gear to visualization to another excuse to watch Roger Federer in action. And Mike's most important piece of advice? Have fun!

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Find Your Inner Athlete Within Circuit Training

Have you ever reached a physical plateau? The last time I did, I tried strength training. I remember looking through the window at Circuit Works in Santa Monica and debating if I wanted to join. I watched about fifteen people dart around a room alternating between running on treadmills, and lifting weights on various machines. Between gasps of air, they did jumping jacks and held planks in the center of the room. I heard music pumping through the walls, and admired the mix of men and women sweating, seemingly enjoying themselves in comradeship.

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Body Positive Vibes From Big Gal Yoga's Valerie Sagun

Search #yoga on Instagram and you'll see an engrossing range of images pop up. People are flexing in various poses, practicing inside and outside, in America and across the world, with different body types and skin colors. Yoga is an ancient mind-body practice that continues to evolve and mystify, much like the personal practice of its devotees. Enter Valerie Sagun into the #yoga hashtag stream, a practitioner of yoga who advocates self-love and positivity. In the past five years, Valerie has been downward dogging and sharing her practice through the online yoga community.

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Find Your Bliss With These Stand Up Paddle Boarding Tips

Are you ready to dive into summer? Or maybe you prefer just being sea misted? Either way, if you're craving a fun, sometimes challenging, water sport, consider stand up paddle boarding (SUP for short). Popularized by big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, the handful of times I've paddle boarded, worries seemed to blow away behind me as I focused ahead, balancing and enjoying the ride, while working my arms, core, legs—every body part. Even my feet! Which grounded me on a board atop the water, instead of my usual yoga mat or kickboxing floor.

If you're hesitant, Lisa Johnson, paddle board instructor at Marina Paddle in Marina del Rey, has some beginner tips to motivate you to try SUP this summer.

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Meet Kit Rich: French Fries, Self-Love, and Stair Dancing

LA-based fitness professional and celebrity trainer Kit Rich is back with more insight for how to make fit your everyday. Read on to hear her thoughts on extreme workouts, tips for working out with injuries and what to eat between workouts. Then gear up for our exclusive Fit by Kit program this month, based on her “3 or 30” program: 3 miles or 30 minutes every day as a sustainable way to stay active.

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5 Ways to Hybridize Your Workout

As the poet William Cowper once said, “Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour.” When was the last time you tried a new workout? It's February, in the middle of winter, and you're in your comfort zone. Mmm, it's nice and cozy there, but are you sticking to your 2016 fitness goals? And now's a perfect time if you haven't gotten around to creating them yet. Lucy is here to hybridize your wardrobe, and I'm here to share the latest hybrid workouts. Think about that thrill of trying something new and your body will follow.

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Clound Breaker: Break Through Your Boundaries

Have you got your head in the clouds? The solo workout doesn't have to be lonely. Sometimes a favorite piece of clothing can help you get through a workout, as if you had a buddy by your side. Whether it's an optimistic print jacket or a breathable long sleeve top that accompany you to the gym, the mat, or outside, the idea is to keep moving toward your goals. If staying true to your goals means going at it alone, embrace it. We've found the liberating solitude of the solo workout, and this kind of solitude doesn't feel lonely. It leaves us feeling proud of ourselves and ultimately, calm. And then rejuvenated. 

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Boxing is Back! Ready Yourself For The Ring

Jab jab! Hook! Uppercut! The last time I threw a punch was in the ‘90s. Thanks to Billy Blanks, I threw down my teen angst in Tae Bo cardio kickboxing classes. In 2004, a braided and buff Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby reminded me how exhilarating the workout is, and how fiercely it strengthens and tones. Then boxing seemed to fall off the fitness radar with the invention of barre class, the resurgence of yoga and spin, and every kind of imaginable hybrid workout.

But notice, models like Adriana Lima and Karlie Kloss are sharing their sweat-drenched boxing sessions on Instagram. And how badass, yet girl-next-door approachable is UFC champ Ronda Rousey? It’s time to get in the ring ladies, because boxing is back!

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Hit Your Maximum Stride in Two Forward-Thinking Pieces

Speed, pace, tempo—these are synonyms for the word velocity, which aptly describes two new lucy pieces that can take you farther: the Velocity Run Tight and Velocity Long Sleeve. Both pieces yield an unlimited range of motion by way of a technical fabric that looks and feels incredible: a reinvented jacquard weave. Curious? Here's the rundown on these thoughtfully designed items.

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Liquid Courage: 3 Bod-Benefitting Plant Waters (Besides Coconut Water)

When baby coconuts took over bottled water’s world, it left simple water looking…plain. A flavorful alternative to simple water and a healthier option to sugary fruit juices and sports drinks, coconut water paved the way for other hydrating plant waters. Soon enough, more popped up in markets water aisles, each a fresh flavor promising various health benefits. Here are three to consider, and before you chug away, mind the natural sugar servings, which you always want to monitor for optimum health.

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Keryn Francisco — The Woman Behind The Women

“What can I do in my job that makes life easier for modern women? That’s the design problem I want to solve.” Lucy fans are in for a treat with the upcoming Fall collection — it’s the first full collection to have Creative Director Keryn Francisco’s design influence. When you notice a more fashion-forward selection, with the same attention to performance and an emphasis on style and versatility, that’s Keryn unleashing the talents of the design team. Read on to learn where her inspirations started and what her reflections are now.

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6 Ways Yoga Isn't Boring Anymore

Crazy-fun new classes and techniques around Los Angeles

Weary of the same old sun salutation? Are the four walls of your usual studio closing in on you? Luckily, there are a slew of yoga innovations that liven up the experience. These fresh attempts--from video-accompanied to stretch-assisted to aerial--could take your practice to another level, or at least make it more fun.

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Woman-Powered: Meet the lucy Design Team

There are seven women behind lucy’s designs. Three are working mothers. Two are runners, including one training for the Tokyo Marathon. One is a Pilates devotee. All are yogis. They come from a range of backgrounds, ages, and expertise. Inside their Bay Area office, they design and wear-test their goods, drawing inspiration from the runways, the street, the gym, pop culture, and beyond. Their collective chemistry inspires a new garment, from sketch to reality, that is always rooted in performance, and they couldn’t be more excited for their new fall line launching soon. Here’s what makes them tick and what keeps them moving.

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The World's First Water Bottle Self-Massager

Hydrate while you loosen up

Ah, the foam roller. An excellent tool for self-massage and muscle recovery, yet a cumbersome accessory if ever there was one.

Don’t fret, it’s Mobot to the rescue!

Created by a massage therapist and yoga instructor who was tired of carrying around her unwieldy foam roller and water bottle, the Mobot is a stainless-steel bottle clad in nontoxic EVA foam.

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Do It Dailey, In Calabasas

Barre classes appeal to my inner-dancer and target tough to tone areas. I’ve found no other workout that lifts my posterior as subtly, and only semi-painfully, as barre. And of all them out there — The Bar Method, Cardio Barre, Pop Physique — I always find myself back at The Dailey Method, where every class has a different flow (avoiding boredom) and is interactive with creative uses of a ballet bar, weights, bands, and balls.

And while there seems to be a barre studio every three blocks in LA proper, there aren’t as many options in northern LA. That’s where The Dailey Method Calabasas (3840 Old Topanga Canyon Road, Unit F, Calabasas, CA 91302; 818.224.4810) awaits.

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