From AG Jeans + Buttero collaboration press release:

About Buttero

Similar to AG, where father and sons work side-by-side, Buttero is a family affair. The calzature was founded in 1974 by Mauro Sani in Tuscany, Italy, and is now run by Mauro and his three sons. Buttero originally set out to make unrivaled riding boots utilizing the honored traditions of Italian shoemaking. Now, craftsmen churn out footwear for men and women that is 101% handcrafted fusing rawness and elegance. Buttero’s quality is best experienced when you first open the shoe box and inhale the perfume of Tuscan vegetable-tanned hides produced the old fashioned way, with passion and love.

A Quik Escape

Female surfers get their own boutique

Trusted surf brand Quiksilver opened its first women’s apparel store at the right place, at the right time: Nestled in the Malibu Lumber Yard, the just-opened boutique rides the current wave of cool, comfortable fashion.

The destination store--replete with a nautical rope ceiling, inspirational pin boards and Josh Hall surfboards--is an original design unto itself. Designer John Moore and Pilgrim Surf + Supply founder Chris Gentile designed the space by culling from the worlds of art, pro surfing and design. Elements are made from recycled materials by local artisans: Oak floors are from a Pennsylvania cabin while a sawhorse table serves as the cash wrap.

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Bead Dazzled

Julie Rofman's bohemian bracelets

You can make a big statement in one of Julie Rofman’s glass bead bracelets. Or a small one: These boho-chic candy-colored bracelets come in several sizes and are so versatile that they’re equally appropriate worn with cutoffs and an airy tank on a Malibu hike or accenting a silky shirt, jeans and heels for a Hollywood power lunch.

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Maximized: The Dress Edition

Here's the thing about maxi dresses: They are throw-on casual, but can also be elegantly romantic. They are accessory ready, or not. Depending on your desired look, you can pile on the funky jewels and fedora or keep it minimal and wear one with your finest jewelry. And all you petites out there, don't believe the rumors—you too can wear a maxi dress. Because they trim your ankles they actually elongate your silhouette. You can wear one with a pair of Salerno Sandal wedges for an elevated outfit.

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American Giant, American Made For Life

At a time when many clothing brands are emphasizing basics, newcomer American Giant is taking basics one step further by bringing back the glory of the Made in the USA label. From the man who brought us Chrome, launches today and offers premium basics manufactured in the Bay Area, marketing and design frill-free.

Bayard Winthrop grew up with iconic brands like Red Wing, Levi's and Carhart. Like many American-born brands, these companies eventually took their manufacturing abroad and that lost some of the magic for Bayard. He explains: “I respect brands that stand for quality and value; that put integrity into the product and give me a reason to support them.”

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Maggie Rizer, Model and Mom-To-Be

Although recognized in the fashion world for her doll-like face and freckles, at one point model Maggie Rizer “wanted to erase the freckles and have big boobs and big hair.” The all-American Rizer—who still touts her upstate New York hometown on Lake Ontario as her favorite place in the world—has settled in the Bay Area with her husband, real-estate developer Alex Mehran, and three golden retrievers, who will be joined by a baby this November.

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