Albany Shop Rises & Shines


With the holidays upon us, there are two things circling people’s minds: gift shopping, and how to stay calm during the festive but hectic holiday season. Morningtide, a lifestyle shop in Albany, both inspires and anticipates these impulses.

The store is the passion project of Lisa Fontaine and Lisa Jackson. Located off lower Solano Avenue, the owners describe Morningtide as “minimal, modern, a little bohemian and functional with the ease of a lifestyle along the coast.”

This coastal lifestyle isn’t Santa Cruz sporty-surfy or Venice Beach glam-boho — it’s an ode to the Northern California-raised owners’ grounded, refined aesthetic.

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7 New Ways to Sport Stripes

Stripes can be divisive: There are the people who love them so much they have a growing (but limiting) collection of striped T-shirts. And then there are those who insist the print creates a tubular illusion. Luckily for both groups, the versatile print comes in many forms. Here, some picks that are likely to flatter—and stay in style for many seasons ahead.

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