Berkeley-Born Artist Aaron Nagel: Figurative Bad Boy

"I just have a preference for dark and somber, rather than light and serene." The perfect precurser for local artist Aaron Nagel's aesthetic. Nagel's moody oil paintings are created within a small bedroom in the charming area near Grand Avenue in Oakland yet his work speaks volumes. Or rather, whispers in your ear in a sultry voice.

Nagel's backstory should be of interest if you were in the Bay Area punk rock/ska core scene in the '90s. He was the the original trumpet player in Link 80 and didn't graduate from high school because he was busy touring the country. He did independent study and, at some point, switched gears from music to art. The self-taught artist has shown at galleries such as the Shooting Gallery in SF, Thinkspace in LA, Yves Laroche in Montreal and aMBUSH and National Grid in Australia.

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