The East Bay's CBD Products

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Local companies target skin woes, muscle aches, and sleep issues.

Hemp, a nonintoxicating variety of the cannabis plant, contains several cannabinoids. One of these is cannabidiol—aka CBD. Not to be confused with THC, a different cannabinoid with psychoactive effects, CBD will not get you high. What does it do? When applied topically, it can lessen inflammation in the skin and muscles and potentially repair cells, balance hormones, and regulate oil production. Here are some locally made products that incorporate CBD and are third-party tested for purity and quality.

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Can Your Skin De-stress?

Can your skin de-stress? Is there a superfood serum to rub into your warmed face after the bath? A mushroom-charged highlighter to reduce oxidative stress?

A new crop of natural skin-care products coming from California features adaptogens — plant-derived ingredients that may help ease stress, whether environmental, emotional or hormonal.

Adaptogens such as ashwagandha and ginseng have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic healing. Says Los Angeles acupuncturist and herbalist Michelle M. Ching, “They are known to have the function of ‘calming the spirit.’ These tonics address numerous symptoms, including insomnia, night sweats, low energy and anxiety.”

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7 New Time-Saving Makeup Multitaskers

Wouldn't it be great just to press a button on your mirror and—presto chango!—your makeup is applied? While putting on makeup can take us to a meditative state, sometimes we don't have the time or energy to fully bask in beautification. That's where intelligent multitasking products come in. We've rounded the newest crop of multitaskers—including 2-in-1s, 4-in-1s and even an ambitious 6-in-1—that promise to cut your makeup application time in half.

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Punch It Up With 8 Orange-Inspired Products

I’m going to pull a customer quote straight from lucy’s Instagram feed for this one: “Orange is the best color.” Totally. Between our orange-tinged #iseelucyeverywhere campaign and this grapefruit-orange uplift juice, we’re celebrating our favorite color loud and clear. Our embroidered orange emblem pops on a hem or sleeve with its minimal shape, but its energizing color vibrates joy and well-being, so we say, the more, the brighter. Here are eight orange-inspired products that could brighten your beauty routine (and cabinet).

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Sugaring is the New Waxing

A new hair-removal process is oh so sweet

Sugaring is similar to waxing in that an aesthetician applies a gooey layer to your skin and then quickly pulls hair out from the follicles. But instead of a wax-laden cotton strip, the removal agent is a room-temperature ball of sugar, water and lemon. You can sugar anywhere on your body--legs, face and intimate areas. Here, three L.A. spots we can personally recommend.

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High Brow

The no-wax, celebrity eyebrow secret

At a recent party in Venice, we couldn’t stop staring at the blonde with the standout eyebrows. Turns out, it was Kristie Streicher, the makeup artist behind Julia Roberts’s and Rachel Weisz’s caterpillar brows.

And now you don’t need an Oscar to get her “feathered brow” treatment.

Settle into Streicher’s chair at Warren-Tricomi and relax as she applies a vegetable dye that enriches hair color and slightly stains skin. Next comes the skin-softening Aforé Oil to prep for easy plucking. Finally, this maquillage Michelangelo sculpts hairs into an arch, tweezing every other inner hair and outer straggler.

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Lea Journo The Salon

It’s not easy to rise to the top in L.A.’s competitive beauty industry but Lea Journo made it look effortless. The youngest of ten children, Lea Journo had early opinions about image. At 13, she began working at a local hair salon sweeping and cleaning and by her early 20s, she had five Paris salons and was working with fashion designers, teaching at L’Oreal and traveling the world. 

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Berkeley's Marie Veronique Organics: Intelligent Ingredients for Summer

You’ve finally made sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine. Good. Thinking like the organic and raw food movements, pure ingredients are the smartest way to go. Enter Marie Veronique Organics, a line of ecologically responsible and natural anti-aging products out of Berkeley.

With products for acne, anti-aging, vegans and sun protection, there’s an array of natural skincare solutions. The most recent release is the SPF 25 Kid Safe Screen. In a sporty, recyclable bottle, kids and adults can benefit from these intelligent ingredients.

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